Friday, 23 November 2012

MLS Cup 2012: Repetition

So... the MLS Cup is gonna be played on December 1st. It will feature the two best teams from each conference, which happen to be the Los Angeles Galaxy, and the Houston Dynamo. And the match will be played at The Home Depot Center in LA. You know what's funny though? The exact same final happened last year. And LA won it.

Don't get me wrong, those two teams are great and always bring something to the table, but with the two exact teams playing for the championship for two years in a row, this series of events can eventually be dangerous.

I have to admit that the regular season is my favourite part of the MLS. You can find great matches every weekend and it'll always be great to watch. Though it doesn't get as exciting in the playoffs, and that's what I'm sad about. For example, the NHL Playoffs have been splendid for the past couple of years, and always kept my interest. The MLS Playoffs don't reach the same kind of excitement for me.

A lot of fans will probably disagree with me, and I admit that this problem is not because of the MLS marketing people or communication professionals. This is because of me.

I just need to catch the fever. That's all.