Monday, 5 December 2011

Nike: soccer ad geniuses

This post will probably be loved by my Advertising/Public Relations instructor, so I hope you're reading this, Kenton!

In recent years, top sports brands has dazzled football ( fans worldwide with their original and catchy advertising. Puma has done pretty well with their "Football = Love", and Adidas showed they are "all in.". I'm loyal to the Adidas brand, but the "Impossible is nothing." slogan would've gotten an autofail. Flip it around and it would've made more sense.

Anyway, about three weeks ago, I had the pleasure to watch the best commercials in the world at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Many of them were fantastic, but nothing stood out to me more than Nike's "Write the future." spot.

Boy, was it powerful. To me, it portraited the influence and power the world's game has. A handful of the world's stars are featured in there too, including Christiano Ronaldo, Frank Ribery, Wayne Rooney, and none other than Ronaldinho. With the skill it featured and the emotions it caused, I felt like it showed the "beautiful game" as a whole. And what was also pretty great about it: It wasn't about the brand, it was about the game!

I think Nike wins the title for being the best advertiser in the sport.

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