Thursday, 1 March 2012

Live and let play - hijabs in women's soccer

United Nations pressures FIFA to lift hijab ban - National Post

FIFA does not allow female athletes to wear hijabs in respect of their Islamic religion. That just seems like a big pile of rubbish to me. But according to a repost by the National Post (link above) the United Nations is pushing the International Football Federation to overturn this ban, four days before FIFA is reviewing this rule. 

I'm not a person who could easily understand the Islamic ways of life, but I have much respect for any religion out there in the world, and wearing a hijab in football does not harm the other players and fans in any way, in my honest opinion. It defies stereotypes, fights against discrimination and it brings an opportunity to these people to show what that got on the world's stage.

Last year, the Iranian women's national soccer team was penalized with a 3-0 loss to Jordan after the team refused to take off their hijabs before kickoff. The team was undefeated up to that point, and the penalty crushed their dreams of going to the Olympics Games in London this year. Outrageous, right?

Just look at the photo above (courtesy: National Post). Do you see anything wrong with it? What are these women doing wrong in the sport of football? Are they breaking any rules? Please tell me, because I don't see a pixel wrong with it.

These Iranian players just want to compete. So why exactly did FIFA ban this kind of headwear? They say it's for safety reasons. No, just no. They have far bigger safety concerns to worry about, like fan safety at the World Cup. Letting female players wear a piece of cloth on their head should not be a safety concern.

It's time that this sport is moving forward, and not stay in a standstill. FIFA, allow these hard-working women to wear what they want to show respect for their believes, and be able to compete without worrying about what is allowed and what is not. They don't want to hurt anyone, they just want to play.


  1. I completely agree with you Bryan. There is nothing wrong with it and it frustrates me, because clearly it does not seem like a safety concern. It seems more that the hijab is clearly not getting in there way. I feel it's a bunch of people cause more unnecessary issues when there are WAY more problems to worry about.

  2. thank you for your feeling of our pain for being not accepted for some kind of sport , but some day some how we will make a great things they had never thought we would do