Thursday, 16 February 2012

Race for the title - German Bundesliga

It's been 21 game days in the 2011/2012 season in old country's league (Germany that is), and I don't think I made one post about what is going on at this point and time. Well, the wait is over.

The race for the title seems like it will be decided between four teams (!!!). Something I haven't seen before. Over the course of me following the Bundesliga, it's either been Bayern Munich dominating the league and winning the title (boooooooring), or two big contenders fighting head to head.

As you might have guessed, Bayern is indeed one of those teams, but so is Dortmund, last year's champions. Bayern vs. Dortmund is an awesome rivalry, which you can compare to other great ones, like Chelsea vs. Manchester United and Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Having traditional clubs fighting for the title is eye candy for every German soccer fan. So far, Dortmund has the upper hand with 46 points and taking first place, two points ahead of Bayern, who are second. A tight race indeed. I think they will go head to head until the final game day, and that's what a lot of fans would love to see.

But let's not forget the teams behind the two front-runners. One point behind Bayern is Moenchengladbach.

"Wait, what?? Didn't they fight against relegation last year?" Why yes they did. But my goodness, have they turned themselves over. Coach Lucien Favre has turned "The Foals" from harmless little colts into true war horses. Sounds like a very emotional feature film, right? *cough* Ok, bad reference.

I'm very happy to see Gladbach back on the top, like the dynasty they used to be in the 1970's, during the time of Guenter Netzer and Jupp Heynckes. Maybe they'll push for a last-minute comeback?

Further behind Gladbach is an old, familiar, and previously unlucky companion: Schalke. After 2001 and 2007, I never thought they would win the title, because of how much bad luck they have had in the title race over the many years. And even right now, their chances are slim, but nothing is impossible, right?

My prediction? I can't tell, but out of the four teams, I'd say: Anyone but Bayern! I don't care if either Dortmund or Schalke win it, just don't let Bayern's title collection shelf collapse.

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