Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dynamo Dresden excluded from German Cup

Yahoo! Sports blog - Dirty tackle - Dresden fans set Dortmund's toilets on fire

After the horrific incidents at the German Cup game between Western German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund and Eastern legendary club Dynamo Dresden, where Dynamo fans caused three game interruptions and repeatedly attacked police around the stadium, the German Soccer Association (DFB) banned Dresden from Cup competition next year, after a meeting held today in the Frankfurt main office.

I applaud this decision, but it also hurts a little, because the players were working hard for their fans, and this is what the fans repay them with. It doesn't seem fair from a fan's point of view, but then again, some people just can't learn to behave at a soccer game, so it seems.

Before the game started with a 15 minute delay, because the teams were stuck in traffic, the Dynamo fan section began a pyrotechnic showing, as they held flares in the air, clouding up the view of fans above them. I've been in a section before, where some guy would suddenly light a smoke bomb, and believe me, it's hard to deal with.

Even during the game, the fans from Dresden lit up and threw some flares onto the pitch at Signal-Iduna-Park in Dortmund, causing the match to be interrupted, as police tried to contain the fans.

Final stats: 17 injured, 15 arrests, 100,000 Euros in damage to the stadium, and Dresden eliminated, as Dortmund won 2-0.

Damn it, guys....

Eastern German fans have been a big problem for years now, and it almost unbearable to watch from afar. I was born in the East. I cheer on an Eastern German team (Hansa Rostock), and the fanatics of my team are known for being trouble makers. When you're on the outside looking in, you will still be misjudged as a fan of a team like that, as I told in my "Beer rain and broken glass" post.

Anyway, it was a good decision by the DFB. Time for fans to learn and behave, before they run their own team to the ground.

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