Tuesday, 1 November 2011

God or Darwin?

Who is right?

That question has two huge sides to it. Did God create us just with a snap of a finger, or is Charles Darwin true with his theory of our planet's evolution through time? It's highly debatable, so let me throw my opinion into this big boiling stew.

I am a christian, but unlike most of them, I believe evolution has occurred. Why do I think this? Look into the history book of discoveries and you can find findings of human-like remains. You can browse through a very neat timeline of human evolution on the Discovery website:

Human Evolution Timeline - Discovery.com

A lot of people probably still debate about the remains, but I'm one of those people that believes a lot of the stuff told to society. Anthologists have modern technology to back up their findings and can put an age on the remains, which is remarkable for science. It shows how greatly advanced our technology has become and how easy it now is to prove how new findings fit into the timeline of evolution and change our history even more.

But what about God? What about him? Well, to me, he's a lot more like a life coach. A guide to when you need wisdom and strength after a bad happening in your life. When it comes to him creating the earth, I'm sorry, I don't buy it. I know this is a very touchy subject, but this is only my personal belief. Feel free to express yourself in the comments below.

To me, God is like a heavenly father who started it all and watched us evolve and grow. We just didn't notice until thousands of years ago. He's not a punishing kind of guy, but someone that cares about every person, and has knowledge for every situation. God doesn't represent creation to me, but a guide.

But! "Let there be light!" speaks a lot to me. The Big Bang theory (NOT the show, although I do love it) might only be a theory, but I believe it's true. What doesn't sound cool about a gigantic explosion, that creates the earth? Talk about starting life with a bang, and so the party rolled.

Two different views, two separate believes, two human minds debating about who is right and who's wrong. Why can't we all get along? Creationists, God is powerful enough to have created the big bang. It makes sense to me and to you. Evolutionists, the evidence is big enough to show the world that we were as a matter of fact running on knuckles, having more hairs on our body, enough to replace a winter coat. You got a good case.

I guess that makes me the awkward person in the middle. I don't mind, because I expressed my values here on my very own blog, and exercised my freedom of speech. Enough said.

To summarize: I believe humans must have come from somewhere, millions of years ago. I think that the Big Bang theory was God's "Let there be light." and the rest was evolution. Creation and Evolution in harmony. Can't go wrong with that.

Here's a treat for you guys to conclude this blog: Hit it, Fatboy Slim!


  1. Interesting video - especially the ending.

  2. Hi Broesel,
    es freut mich das Du keine Angst hast auch "touchy subjects" anzufassen. Und zum Thema : wie ich immer sage: wir werden die Wahrheit erfahren , am ersten Tag- nach unserem letzten Tag!