Thursday, 19 January 2012

Becks is back

Yupp, he's back. David Beckham signed a two-year deal with the Galaxy this afternoon, as announced in a press conference.

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I said two weeks ago that I didn't care if he'd stay or go somewhere else, but considering how much of importance "Becks" is to the Galaxy and MLS, I can say it was the right decision. Beckham's decision to stay means a lot to MLS, as it shows that he likes it in Los Angeles. The English soccer star still has a big reputation after so many years in his career, and his decision alone brought a boost of benefits to the league and the sport in North America. 

Becks just wants to play, according to an interview with

"At this stage of my career, at this moment of my life, my family and my children are the most important thing to me,” Beckham said.

“My family are happy here. We love living in America, we love living in LA. But … the reason I came to LA was to play soccer. The reason I came to play for the Galaxy was to win a trophy. I hadn’t done that for five years … and then last season we did it.” 

Good on ya, Becks. Looking forward to the next season already!

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  1. When the MLS started getting big I predicted it would be the retirement league for EPL superstars. Now we've got Beckham, Henry, and Keane in the MLS. Who's next?