Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thierry Henry's return to North London

It seems to develop into one of the feel-good stories of this new year.

Thierry Henry, French veteran striker, signed a loan contract for two months with Arsenal, one of the top English teams, and the club Henry became famous with. Henry is Arsenal's best striker of all-time, having scored 227 goals in all kinds of competitions for the "Gunners".

And he started his short stay with a bang, scoring the game-winning goal in Arsenal's FA Cup match against Leeds, placing the ball in the lower right corner, nice and accurate. Now he's focusing on getting Arsenal into the Top 4 spots of the Barclay's Premier League while he can. 

And what's even more interesting: Just before the game against Leeds, bronze statues of Arsenal legends were unveiled around the stadium, including Henry's. Talk about a sweet homecoming.

But this story got me thinking: Should he stay longer than two months or return to New York as the Red Bulls kick off their new MLS season in Dallas? It's very debatable if he's gonna stay or come back. I mean, he is of much importance to the Red Bulls and he is a legend and a significant impact for Arsenal, his former and current club.

But I think he should come back to the MLS once his loan is expired. I have nothing against Arsenal at all, but players, who come back to a club they've been to before, are usually not able to make as much of an impact as they used to when they started off. The FA Cup game was Henry's first game, and he scored the game winner, but that was ONE game. At this point, Gunners fans should not get their hopes up. Henry is competing against other great strikers, like Van Persie and Chu-Young.

He should enjoy his stay while it lasts, because he has a one-of-a-kind opportunity to stay fit and get ready for a new MLS season with New York. I'm sure he'll make the best of it.


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