Friday, 10 February 2012

Green of Hope - Germany's new away shirts

Ain't they beautiful?

This week, the German national team completed their kits by unveiling the new away jersey which will be used for the EURO 2012. The Green color makes a return with a simple and classic design, after being gone for 12 years. Grey, Red and Black were used for the away shirts in the last decade.

Germany has a long history with the color green, going way back into the 1950's, when Germany won their first World Cup in Bern, Switzerland, beating Hungary 3-2. Green was used as the away color then, along with the all-too-familiar white for home games, and it seemed to be fitting for them.

Green is also the color of the German Soccer Association (DFB). Throughout the years, Germany's away look has been that of green, because it's traditional and it connects with the DFB. According to newspapers I read (like Sport Bild back in Germany), the team received a lot of criticism when they dumped the green and unveiled grey away shirts for the World Cup 2002. Thankfully, they were only used once, when Argentina defeated the Germans 1-0 in an exhibition match.

Afterwards, Germany switched between red and black, including red during their home World Cup in 2006 and black during the last World Cup in South Africa. The black ones were very cool, and it seemed to be a good charm, when they beat Argentina 4-0 in the Quarterfinals. Wow, what a game that was. I still have the occasional dream about it.

It was nice to see what the team could look like with other colors, especially black, but in the end, the green wins my heart. It's simple, it's traditional, and defines a lot of the history of the national team. And in today's pop culture, who doesn't like to go back to old school?

I really like Germany's look this year, and I hope this translates into a big run for the EURO title this year. Deutschland vor!!

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