Friday, 2 September 2011

How small is this world?

Our planet. How big is it to us? Small? Humongous? I really don't know. All I know is that it's beautiful and that you can find anything, even love, as long as you don't give up looking.

Why did I mention love? Let me tell you why. Because I found it.

In Oregon.

Yes, Oregon, as in the 33rd state to join the United States of America, located in the Pacific northwest. That's where the love of my life lives. You probably wonder how I found her. I found her on an art website called deviantArt, and for a year or so, we just chatted and hung out in a chat room, just talking about our different lives and whatever comes to mind. But a year later, right on my graduation day, she confessed her crush on me. I was startled and surprised at the same time, because just 3 weeks earlier, I broke up with my ex from high school. I didn't have a good run with relationships in the past, but I guess that is expected when you're a rather quiet teenager in some rural high school.

I put some thought into it, and thought we should hit it off. And so we did. Over two years later, I'm still dating her, and proudly. All this time, we went through good and bad times, celebrations and arguments, and everything that normal couples go through. And finally, after two years of being separated from each other, we finally met in person. I flew out to Oregon in August, and had an absolutely wonderful time with her. We walked on the beach, visited a cheese factory, and she showed me the area where she lived, which was the Oregon coast. It is so beautiful there, and I definitely recommend to visit it. Here's a photo to proof that I'm not kidding:

You might think that our relationship is unusual. Well, it is. She's not only American, but also Maori, which are a native Polynesian tribe living in New Zealand. I've always wanted to date someone of a different heritage, because I do not like to limit myself to people that come from where I do, plus that makes the search for someone much more exciting. A German-Canadian dating a Maori-American. You don't see that every day.

It is one heck of an adventure with her, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you, Hine. More than anything in the universe.