Friday, 16 September 2011

Local pride

I actually wrote this a few months ago for personal reasons, but I thought I should share it with you guys. It's about how I feel about living in Winnipeg. 

When you go out of your city and travel to a place that's relatively unknown to you, there comes a thought of how strangers would perceive you when you tell them where you from. How they would judge you, how they think of fellow citizens as you represent them in a way, and put an image in their head about what your place is like. There are many people out there that can view your home in different ways, good or bad, depending on how you are as a person.

I won't be talking about Germany. You already know that I'm proud to be of German heritage. No, today, I'll be talking about the city I live in: Winnipeg.

Winnipeg has a population of about 750,000, which is nearly 65% of Manitoba's total population (rough estimations of mine). It has it's tough spots, like spring floods, high car theft rate, cheap bastards, and *cough* the North End. Not many think that it's a beautiful place, when you look at the muddy Red River water, and the non-fancy skyscrapers. Even I thought that I wouldn't like it once I moved to Canada with my family in 2004. I have never heard of Winnipeg until dad booked the plane tickets.

In high school, I kept thinking about where I want to move when I'm older. Places like Ottawa, and Vancouver kept popping into my mind, as I thought they were more beautiful than Winnipeg could ever be. I visited Ottawa in 2008 and I was amazed by the beauty of the city, and how rich it was with history. I went to the Parliament and saw more of Canada's capital. I really wanted to go there again. Well, the main reason was because the Senators play there. What can I say, I'm hockey crazy.

But at the same time, I have grown to Winnipeg, and the province that I live in. Sure, it has its flaws, but what makes the city good makes me forget the bad things. We still have great shopping malls, big and clean parks, sports teams (Return of the Jets!), and downtown is growing! It has a great economy, tons of entertainment, and good people all in all. Not the most beautiful city in the world, but a beauty on its own.

So whenever I'm asked where I'm from or where I live, I have no shame to say I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Because it's my home. Where family is. Where the heart is.


  1. But you're that German kid! Which would you rather: go to the bakery in Winnipeg to buy Cub bread or
    geht zum bäcker und kaufe Brot und Brötchen?

  2. ;) what about oregon? Your truck, your girlfriend and your girlfriends crazy horse are here! hehe

  3. Great post. I grew up in Ottawa, and chose to move to Winnipeg in my late 20s. Don't get me wrong: Ottawa is gorgeous, and has lots going for it. But Winnipeg does too - and gradually (finally!) I think more people are seeing it the way we do!

  4. I'm originally from Saskatchewan, but think of Winnipeg as my home. The only problem with Winnipeg is that it doesn't have the Saskatchewan Roughriders. If it had that - then it would be perfect!