Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I love jerseys

I love sports jerseys. It's the first thing on my mind when it comes to finding out about a team you have never heard of before. A jersey is all about representing who you play or cheer for, who you identify with, and where you come from. There is months of work behind every one of them, and fans should appreciate the hard work that the designers put into these amazing looks.

Today's unveiling of the new Winnipeg Jets jerseys was no exception of what I'm talking about. Their design is great and feels like a cold Slurpee on a hot summer day to the eyes of the passionate Jets fan. Two shades of blue, called "polar night blue" and "aviator blue", are featured on both jerseys, along with white and silver trimming. It is a unique blend of colors and make them stand out from all other NHL teams, especially the Canadian teams (Red used by the Habs, Sens and Flames, while the Oilers, Canucks and Leafs use very similar shades of blue). The logos were no surprise as they were revealed a little over a month ago, but I still find the logos "badass". There is so much meaning behind this look, and it makes every little detail about the jerseys and logos work.

Photo source: jets.nhl.com

As a Jets fan, I am very happy with the jerseys, as should the rest of Canada be, because it's a break from all the reds and blues that the 6 other teams have. I can't be thankful enough for "True North" for bringing us a team back where it belongs, putting much thought and hard work into this new look that the Jets will be rocking this fall and winter. I can't wait for the new hockey season to start!


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  1. Polar Night Blue - I wonder who came up with that. Arrgh....I'm being attacked by a polar bear...fighting him off with a hockey stick...one...last...chance!

  2. I think your Twitter handle should be @thatgermankid. #justsaying..