Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Why Twitter will endure


Twitter is a social media website, where you can post an update of 140 characters or less to your followers. You can follow other people and they can follow you back. It's a simple, yet very useful tool to get the latest news, friend updates and even get involved in interactive discussions (with some limitations.)

Personally, I love Twitter. It's very useful and my number one destination to get the lastest news updates and friend statuses. Unlike Facebook, every update is shown in a small rectangular box, along with the latest updates always showing up on top, so that you know what happened in the world recently. Updates without the clutter is what you want and get from it.

It's also a discussion tool. I participated in a journalism discussion (hashtag: #journchat) on Twitter last Monday, talking about the role of journalism while social media is dominating. One of my tweets during the discussion was re-tweeted twice, and I felt great about it. I felt like my opinion mattered.

It was a tweet about how social media can enable the creation of jobs in journalism. I believe Twitter can create new jobs in all kinds of industries. Social media is a common communication tool in modern society, and it's great business if your company is out there in the world wide web, presenting itself in a professional fashion while targeting a huge audience of internet and social media users. You absolutely cannot go wrong with asking your company if you can create a social media section for them. Your business could boom within days!

And what if you want to hear more about your favourite celebrity, musician or athlete? A lot of them use Twitter nowadays. You can look them up in a search, find their page, click the "follow" button, and voila! You are now enabled to see what your favourite celebrity has to say without looking like a creepy teenage Justin Bieber stalker!

What can I say? Twitter is a brilliant invention and I love using it. I can stay in touch with my friends around the world, and read the news on the same page! Wow!

Some Twitter terminology:

Tweet: An updated posted to your Twitter page

Hashtag "#": A tool used to identify a trending topic

"@": Identifies a person's username.

Followers: The people who see your tweets, and you are a follower, when you read the tweets you want.
If you are now convinced by me to use twitter, I suggest you follow me. My username is @BryanWrede.

See you on there!

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