Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Election night

Oh boy, elections. This time, it's the Manitoba provincial elections. A much anticipated battle is upon us, as the main contenders for seats in the legislature are yet again the NDP and the PC. As a New Democrat, I hope that Greg Selinger wins with his party, but I do not think that it'll be by a mile. Hugh McFadyen has had a good run in his campaign too, because a lot of Manitobans are looking for change in politics this year and the PC party is the leader for change. As for Jon Gerrard (Liberal), and James Beddome (Green party)? They were the supporting cast all this time.

A lot of the attack ads this year repeatedly attack a party on a certain topic, and stuck to it throughout the campaign. Above is an NDP attack ad, accusing McFadyen of planning on privatizing MTS and Hydro, and firing 1000 nurses.

It's a good strategy used by the NDP, because Hydro and MTS are two companies that are dear to Manitoba, and privatizing them would hurt business in my opinion. It doesn't feel right to privatize a company that a province relies on. Firing nurses is wrong too, because health care is a huge issue here, and politicians would never put it on the back burner, because of how many people rely on efficient health care. It's a right to have good health care, and all political parties have their stance on it. 

The PC party also had good attacks on Selinger, but weren't as effective in my opinion. McFadyen has been throwing around rumors, telling that Selinger is continuing hallway medicine, and promises to build safer communities. I don't know how he will afford all his promises. Then again, all parties have made big promises, which made it hard to believe for a lot of people, if they can do it or not.

It's been an entertaining run from a people's perspective, and it'll be hard to predict who will win. I believe that the New Democrat era will continue.

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