Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The power of three-man music

Here's one interesting fact about myself: Once I hear a song that I love very much, I can't stop listening to it until the end of the day. This has always been the case for me. It just feels so good to take in the work of a great artist that is put into lyrics, rhythm and sound. And once you're in the vibe, it's almost impossible to get out. Here's one of them: Muse - The Resistance

Lately, the music of Muse has been stuck in my head. I really like Muse, and I really admire the effort that three-man bands like Muse put into their work. I love bands such as Rush, ZZ Top, The Police and so on, where it's just three guys making music together.

Three-man bands are not very common, and a lot of them are barely heard of. I admire bands like these, because of how hard they work together to make a song work and how much chemistry is produced between all band members. Of course, a lot of people are not aware of bands like these, but they should put their attention to them. What some bands can do with just three guys is simply brilliant, and I love it.

Here's a treat from my favourite band Rush: Bastille Day

Rock on!

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  1. Two man music is deadly too. Example: Ratatat; aka, the loves of my life.