Monday, 17 October 2011

Glued to the bandwagon

The life of a fan of the Jets hasn't been easy for the past 15 years. Nor was it for the first week of the regular season. 

The first game was a no-brainer almost. Our team was under stage fright for most of the game, because there was a lot of pressure on them. History was made for Winnipeg's hockey books, but it just wasn't what we wanted. Nevertheless, a standing ovation erupted and the fans saluted their new darlings and it made me so happy. Jets fans around the world were just glad that hockey is back where it belongs. 

The second game was much better, but they still didn't win. The Jets lead 2-0 after the first 10 minutes of the game in Chicago, and their lead was taken away from them when the Blackhawks scored 4 unanswered goals before Kyle Wellwood got the visiting Jets back within one, and they kept pushing, which wouldn't pay off for them. I felt more pride in my team that evening, because the Blackhawks are a big and respectable team, and the Jets showed they won't go down without a fight. 

The third game against the Coyotes...well, all I can say is: The heart of the team was missing. I didn't like watching the game, but I swallowed my pride and watched it through. I distracted myself by observing how cool the jerseys look, and stared at the nice brick red of the Coyotes home jerseys. 

I've seen a few people rage-quit (internet term for being very upset at something, then quit it) the Jets after that game, but I didn't let myself throw off the bandwagon. I'm not that kind of person who quits on a team for not being able to win. So let me tell those folks that gave up already: If you don't stick with your team if they lose badly, you are not a real fan. True fans stick with their team, no matter what, and that's the cold, hard truth.

Thus I chose to wear my Jets shirt to classes on Monday, because I kept my faith in the team. I had a feeling the Jets will be stepping up their game, and put some hard effort on the ice. And look at what happened tonight: They beat the Penguins. 

Told ya so.


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