Friday, 7 October 2011

A familiar snout returns

These are the three things that I love about NHL hockey:
1. The game itself, because I love playing and watching hockey.
2. The jerseys, because I find every one of them to be eye candy, due to their unique designs and colours.
3. The mascots

"What!? How could you like mascots over much more important details, like the players? Bawww, you're nuts!"

Let me explain. Mascots are not only one of the hardest working people...uhm, creatures on a team, but they also bring entertainment to the fans and bring a side to a franchise which kids can connect to. They're fun to watch, and are ambassadors of fun 24/7.

I personally enjoy mascots not only for the show they bring, but also the unique way they represent their franchises. Like Al the Octopus, the Red Wings mascot. His tentacles represent the amount of games a team had to win in the playoffs in order to win the Stanley Cup back in the "Original Six" era. Not to mention how many octopi are thrown on the ice at Joe Louis Arena during the playoffs.

Of course, some mascots some teams have don't make much sense, if any, like Harvey the Hound of the Calgary Flames. I'm sorry, Calgary, but I don't see a connection here. If you had a horse with flames as a mane and a tail, that would be an awesome mascot. I don't know what Harvey is supposed to represent. To me, mascots have to make sense, regarding connection to the team and to the city and province/state.

Which brings me to the NEW Winnipeg Jets mascot unveiled today. It's none other than...Mick E. Moose!

Yes, as read here: Jets recall Mick E. Moose, True North brought back the old Moose mascot. An awesome move in my opinion, because "Mickey" is already a widely-known mascot to Winnipeg and Manitoba, and embodies the history of True North and introduces it into the new Jets era. He's a fun character, and who doesn't love a moose wearing aviator goggles? That's badass, people!

Welcome to the big league, Mick E.! Stay awesome! 

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  1. I love that they brought him back. If it weren't for the Moose there would be no Jets. Another genious move by TNSE in my opinion